Our work is based on Photovoltaic, Eolic, Geothermal, Biomass, Green Mobility, PV Storage, Water treatment products and Off Grid solutions.

Storage: We provide PV storage systems for the domotic technology with a focus on home electric systems and on the home consumption. Also we provide PV storage for the emerging countries.
Green Mobility: We supply 100% electric vehicles and charging stations. Full electric, Range Extended and Bi-Modal vehicles are the vehicles that the company I’M Green Vehicles provides.
Photovoltaic: We provide PV plant designs and constructions by using different solar panels and inverters based on the client’s needs.
Geothermal: We provide products for the Geothermal Industry. The electricity produced by photovoltaic systems flats into the heat pumps. The air conditioning systems, managed by an intelligent system, will have no operating costs and achieve the maximum environmental sustainability with remarkably low CO2 emission.
Biomass: We provide products for the Biomass industry. The term biomass refers to a collection of animal or vegetable organisms present in aquatic and terrestrial environments. The concept of biomass is often treated in a different way depending on the context. Biomass is important in the fields of renewable energy and ecology.
Eolic Wind Power: We provide products for the Eolic Industry. The wind power structure converses the wind energy in electric energy, normally thanks to wind generators that produce electric current through wind turbines and wind pump. The wind power is a clean and renewable alternative compared to the fossil fuel.